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Friday 19th June


Arithmetic – Test 8


It’s that time of the week again – Friday means Arithmetic!


Test 8 today – good luck!


Are you improving over the week?


Are there any methods or types of questions you are unsure of? Or equally, are there any methods or types of questions you are brilliant at?


Friday 19th June

LO: TBAT create a narrative.

We have read Stacey Superstar by David Walliams, we have created our own talented/talentless character and we have put them in a setting. 


Your job today, is to create your own narrative (story) which includes your character and setting.


Aim to use the skills we have revised this week: brackets, complex sentences and synonyms. 


Don’t forget your best handwriting and to edit carefully before sending it to me.


I’ve attached some sheets which may help i.e. fronted adverbial sheets, spelling sheets.


I think these are going to be fun to read. Please send to:



Wellbeing Friday

Friday 19th June

Welcome to Wellbeing Friday!


Let’s start the session with some yoga.

Take a look at the yoga poses in the slide show below. Choose a few to try.

Be mindful of your breathing and how your body feels in the different poses.


Now let’s move on…

‘Look on the bright side’

‘Be grateful for what you have’

‘The glass is half-full’

It doesn’t matter how you say it, the message is to ‘be positive’.

That’s what we’re going to think about today.

Take a look at the pictures below.

These are what are called ‘positive affirmations’.

Positive affirmations are phrases that you repeat to yourself, which describe a specific outcome or who you want to be. At first, these affirmations might not be true and you might feel a little silly, but with constant repetition, your subconscious mind will start to believe them.

Your task for today is to create your own ‘positive affirmations’.

You may wish to design a poster, with just one or several messages; you may wish to create a powerpoint with a new message on each page.


You decide.

Please send your positive affirmations to: