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Please can you choose a book and spend 10 minutes+ reading/sharing it with an adult or older sibling. It can be a book that you have at home or an eBook on the Oxford Owl website.


If you would like another activity, then read/listen to ‘A hole in the Bottom of the Sea. What are the repeated phrases in the story?

You can listen to the story, or mute it and read parts of the story. You can also click on the light bulb in the top right hand corner for some ideas!


Brain warm up: Warm up your brain by listening to the Phase 3 or 4 tricky words songs. Ask an adult to help you search on YouTube.

Phase 3 song: ‘Phase 3 tricky words song say hello to’

Phase 4 song: ‘Phase 4 Tricky Words Song Sight Words Song for said, have, like, come, some, what, when’

*Remember to take photographs of the tricky words and sing along too!*


Phase 4 learning: Read the story and  be a good detective and try to find the tricky words!

Writing: Label the parts of a butterfly

Can you remember your learning form last week?

How many legs does a butterfly have?

What body parts do all insects have? 

**Have fun colouring your butterfly and labelling the main body parts. You can use the sheet below or draw your own and label it. Remember to form your letters accurately.**


Things to remember to be a good writer:

  • Think about your letter formation
  • Any longer words, remember to chop them up into parts to make it easier to sound out for writing

Maths: Describing 3D shapes

You will need:

A tin, cereal box, ball, cone, round piece of fruit.

**Have a look at some of the 3D shapes that you found yesterday and try to describe them. How many edges, vertices and faces do they have? Do they have flat or curved faces? Play the shape game. Describe a shape e.g. ‘I am thinking of a shape, it has…..faces and it rolls, what shape am I thinking of?’ and your partner has to work out which shape it is**


Can you be a superstar learner and use the maths key vocabulary today?     *3D shapes, cube, cuboid, sphere, cylinder, cone, flat face, curved face, curved edge, straight edge, vertex, vertices *

Key Questions

What is the name of this shape?

Is it a 2D (flat) shape or a 3D (fat) shape?

Is it curved?

How many edges does it have?

How many faces does it have?

How many vertices does it have?

If you would like another activity then make a 3D shape minibeast

Wellbeing Friday 

Watch the Oak Academy PSHE Lesson and learn how there are lots of different ways to show your friends that you care for them while maintaining social distancing. Make up your own special way to say hello!  smiley