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Please complete the arithmetic test below. Can you beat your score from last week? If you get any incorrect answers, can you correct them and see where you made a mistake

Arithmetic Test 10


I would like you to spend today looking at subordinate clauses. This is a lesson from Oak Academy and I thought it might be a good idea to recap and revise what we have learnt over the year about subordinate clauses. Take part in the quizzes, both at the beginning and at the end and then watch the video and take part in the activities.



As it's that time of week again- wellbeing Friday, perhaps you might like to take the afternoon to do some drawing. I have added the link for #drawwithrob or you could do some doodling or any type of drawing of your own kind that you like to do.

This week, Rob has added a video for a sloth this week or you might want to try one of the older ones such as Wilbur the seal.