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Arithmetic Test 7


It’s that time of the week again – Friday means Arithmetic!

Test 7 today – good luck!

Are you improving over the week?

Are there any methods or types of questions you are unsure of? Or equally, are there any methods or types of questions you are brilliant at?


Friday 12th June

LO: TBAT answer comprehension questions about poetry.


How did you get on with the poetry comprehension, yesterday?

Did you find the powerpoint useful?


I’ve attached another comprehension text and an answer booklet for you to try today.


You need to read the questions, then read the text, then answer the questions.

Once you’ve done that, I’ve also attached a powerpoint.  This is a really great resource and goes through each of the answers carefully, explaining how you could have found the answers.


Can you please answer the questions, then check how you’ve done with the powerpoint.


Have your comprehension skills improved?

Did you apply any lessons from yesterday?


You can let me know at:


Friday 12th June

Welcome to Wellbeing Friday

Growth Mindset


Let's begin with a Go Noodle unwinding exercise:


Today, we’re going to think about some of our previous Wellbeing Friday lessons and combine what we’ve considered already – being mindful and emotions.


Watch this BBC video.


I want you to ask yourself and think about:

  • Why it is important to connect with people and to communicate with people?
  • The different ways in which we can connect with people and the different relationships we have.
  • How does Dan communicate and interact with people?
  • How does this help Dan?

Now watch this BBC video:



In this video we will remind ourselves about how exercise can help our wellbeing.

Exercise is anything that gets your body active and makes you a bit out of breath.


It's good for both your body and your mind.


Children need to exercise for about 60 minutes each day (but it doesn’t have to be all at one time).

Exercise helps you to feel good about yourself; encourages a better night’s sleep; helps you concentrate on work; helps you keep positive; and helps your body build healthy bones, muscles and joints.


When you exercise it releases little ‘feel good’ signals in your brain and gives you a positive boost.



Design a poster which includes all the different sports you know.

  • How many of those sports have you tried?
  • How many of those would you like to try?
  • Which sports are your favourite?
  • Is there a sport you’d like to get better at?


Send your posters to: