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It’s that time of the week again – Friday means Arithmetic!

Test 3 today – good luck!

Are you improving over the week?

Are there any methods or types of questions you are unsure of? Or equally, are there any methods or types of questions you are brilliant at?

Ruin writing from Year 6

Literacy: Ruin


Today we are going to write for a different purpose. Today you are going to imagine that it is the day that the world ended. The day the Flora and Fauna suffocated the life of the Earth. Imagine you are writing a newspaper report about it. Think about what your head line will be:make it short and snappy. Write a paragraph for the introduction: when did it happen? Where did it happen and why?

Then write a recount in more detail of how the plant came to end the world. Use paragraphs to show how it started. Then how it developed. What was the climax of the vegetation overcoming humans?You should aim to include some quotes, perhaps form different world leaders. Try to write in columns. Send your finished reports to year6@Overseal.sch.uk

     Mindfulness: This afternoon complete a balloon picture which will show why you are amazing. You can use the template below or make your own picture which shows all the different ways that you are amazing.