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Chapter Thirty One

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Please complete the arithmetic test below. Can you beat your score from last week? If you get any incorrect answers, can you correct them and see where you made a mistake.

Arithmetic Test 9


Today, after reading the next chapter, The Quiet House, I would like you to retell a chapter of your choice. You will need to choose your favourite and write this chapter in your own words.


Make sure to add a title to your 2do on purple mash so I know what chapter you have chosen. Use your own description and detail and remember to use interesting openers and different sentence types to build an atmosphere.

Please add new pages to your chapter book on purple mash by clicking on the icon on the left at the top of the page with a green plus sign as there is not much writing space if you do not add any extra pages and you are re-writing one of the chapters so will need more space than half a page.


I look forward to reading your stories


Topic - Wellbeing Friday   



Today, we're going to be considering emotions. 

What are they?

When do we feel them?

How do we express our emotions?

Watch the Beano Powerpoint below, working your way through it, then you can have a go at the Emotions Board Game with someone in your house and the Emotions Word Search.




If the video link in the powerpoint doesn't work, try this: