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Good Morning Year 4! I am just here to wish you a lovely half term. I want to say a big well done and thank you to you all! We've managed another half term in these circumstances and you should all be very proud of that as I know I am proud of what you've achieved.

I also want to say a big well done to your families at home that have helped you in this home learning journey. Without them, I'm sure you'd agree this would have been very tricky! I hope you all have a lovely week of rest to enjoy the sunshine.


I've written a poem as a parting message for our week off. I hope you like it and I'm looking forward to seeing you again, one day soon!

Chapter Twenty five

Still image for this video


Please complete the arithmetic test below. Can you beat your score from last week? If you get any incorrect answers, can you correct them and see where you made a mistake.


I would like you to continue the story you started yesterday, retelling the story of the little shoemaker. Hopefully you are somewhere around the part where the rival shoemaker steals the little shoemaker's ideas and keeps coming up with cunning plans to steal his business.

Watch the video again to remind yourself of the main events. I can't wait to see your finished stories in your handwriting which you've hopefully enjoyed using over the last two days.

Just a few reminders about what you could include in your writing:

. A range of openers

. Description and detail

. Shorter sentences for impact and longer ones for detail

. Adverbial openers (How, When, Where)

. -ing openers and -ed openers (extra marks for these) 

Don't forget to send your work to me at:


Topic - Wellbeing Friday


It has been a while since we have taken part in a #DrawWithRob so I thought as it is wellbeing Friday and mental health awareness week in fact, we could do some drawing. I'm not sure if you saw but Rob did a live video yesterday with an attempt to break the world record for biggest art lesson! I wonder if any of you tuned in. I did and it was great fun and raised money for charity. If you didn't see or take part, log on below and watch the video back. 

Take your pick of any of the draw with Rob characters and send them my way because I love to see them. I will post mine on here too!


If you don't fancy some #drawwithrob but still want to do something creative, perhaps have a go at some doodling. I will put some ideas below of what you might like to do!