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Chapter twenty

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Chapter twenty part 2

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Chapter twenty part 3

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It has been a while since we have completed an arithmetic test and it is really important that we keep using our mental maths. Please complete the test and answer as many questions as you can. Don't forget you can do working out if you need to.

When you have finished, check your answers to see what you may need to work on.


Last week we spent some time looking at speech. This week we are going to practise using it some more.


There are no words in the film, ‘Catch It!’, but I’m quite sure that we all understand exactly what is happening and I’m also sure we can imagine what the characters might be saying to each other.

Watch the film again to remind yourself what happens. Whilst watching this time, think about the interactions between the meerkats and between the meerkats and the vulture.


. What might they be saying to each other at different points in the film?

. Would the conversation be the same throughout the events?

. Would the tone of voices they use and HOW they speak remain the same?

. Might there be times when the meerkats are excited and having fun, and times when they are worried or anxious? How might this effect the way the say things?

In your exercise book, I’d like you to create some dialogue between the characters at different points in the film. I have also set a 2do on purple mash just in case you would rather do it on the computer. The 2do is named 'Catch It dialogue'

Don’t forget:

. A new speaker goes on a new line.

. Inverted commas go around the first and last words spoken.

. Use adverbs to show HOW something is said.

. Use synonyms for said (cried, bellowed, squealed etc)

. Speech needs a capital letter

. Punctuation before the closing speech marks

. Write a narrative around the speech to ensure it makes sense.


(I’ve put an inverted commas checklist and a speech powerpoint below in case you need a bit of a reminder.)

Here is my example of the dialogue that might go with the film:



As the small creature basked in the glorious sun, an ominous feeling began to grow in the pit of his stomach.

“Oh dear,” he said to no one but himself, “I know this feeling.”  Then he saw it. A dark shadow began to loom overhead.  “RUN!” he yelled at the top of his voice. “Run! Run! Run!” he continued, “It’s the vulture. He’s back!”

“What?” replied another.

“Huh?” piped the smallest meerkat.

The replies of the meerkat’s family echoed around the Savannah. Their pin-sized heads popped out of their holes one by one, with a horrified look painted on their faces. It was as if time stood still. As the colossal wings flapped furiously overhead, the meerkats began to scurry across the empty, dry planes.

"He's aiming for the branch!" the leader bellowed.

"We need to get there quicker," another panted, "if we have any hope of saving our sacred fruit." 

Topic - Wellbeing Friday!


Every Friday, we are completing Wellbeing activities to keep our minds healthy and happy. It's really important that we look after ourselves and spend time to reflect and enjoy the moments we find ourselves in.

Today your task is to create a piece of work titled 'I can't imagine life without'. You can present this however you like however I found a few pieces that inspired me below. You could copy this idea using colours and pencils you have at home or you can present it in a different way.


Whatever you decide to do, I'd really like to see your creations so if you can, email your work at: