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Well done for another fantastic week, Amazing Astronauts! smiley

Maths - Arithmetic 

Please complete the arithmetic questions in your exercise book and then check your answers. If you got one wrong, can you work out why?

Are you improving each week? Which methods are you brilliant at?


Click the link below if you would like to remind yourself of the addition and subtraction methods we have used in class. 


Video Learning



Previously, you created and described a new land. Today, I would like you to become an author and write chapter 1 of your own book. You need to include your new land within this chapter. Perhaps this is where your character lives or maybe a character discovers it - it is up to you but remember to use your imagination! 


Remember you are not retelling a whole story so you only need to write one or two pages of the template but if you would like to write more then you can. 


Write in the past tense and think carefully about the spelling of your verbs. Don't forget your capital letters and full stops. You could include some of your descriptive sentences from yesterday's lesson too. 


You will be completing this work on Purple Mash today so you will need to log in and find your 2do 'blank chapter book'.  


Happy writing Astronauts!


Topic - Wellbeing


For today's lesson our topic will be happiness. Every day you will make someone happy - you may not even know that you have done this.


Today, I would like you to think about what makes you smile and what you do to make other people smile. 


Perhaps you could write them down or make a picture and if you ever feel a little fed up, you could read them or look at your picture. smiley