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Well done for another fantastic week of home learning. I am very proud of you all - you have been working so hard! Have a great weekend!

Maths - Arithmetic 

Please complete the arithmetic questions in your exercise book and then check your answers. If you got one wrong, can you work out why?

Are you improving each week? Which methods are you brilliant at?


Click the link below if you would like to remind yourself of the addition and subtraction methods we have used in class. 


Video Learning


We will continue using the Oak National Academy resources today.

It is finally time to write your own character description about Hamlet, the White Elephant. You will need your work from yesterday to help you. You will also be writing your character description on Purple Mash today. 


When the teacher models writing the character description, you will need to log on to Purple Mash to write yours. Keep this web browser up on these slides and then open Purple Mash on a new tab. I have set up a 2do which will let you write your character description so I can read it and see how fabulous your writing is! Can you include your own adjectives in your expanded noun phrases?

You can also draw Hamlet in the picture box after you have completed your written work. Click in the picture box and the drawing tools will appear on the left.


Follow the link below to access lesson 5.





The Success Criteria and Star Words will be displayed on the lesson slides. I have put them below to help you.


Wellbeing Friday!

Each Friday, all year groups will have an activity which is designed to help our wellbeing.

Today, I'd like you to follow the link below. It will take you to the BBC Super Movers page.

Naomi Wilkinson has a song and dance routine for Key Stage 1 pupils all about the importance of self-belief. 'Self-belief' is one of the values we celebrate in our assemblies. Perhaps you would prefer to watch and listen or maybe you would like to dance along and be active as you learn!


After the video, I would like you to create a 'self-belief' poster. Think about what you are good at and what you would like to keep practising to get better at. This doesn't have to be school work, it could be anything important to you. Everyone has things they are good at and things they want to get better at. Just remember if you believe in yourself then you can become more confident and achieve those things! 

How will you achieve this goal?

Why is it important to believe in yourself?


Remember you can send a picture of your work to year2@overseal.derbyshire.sch.uk