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Friday 1st May

Maths – Arithmetic Test 4

It’s that time of the week again – Friday means Arithmetic!

Test 4 today – good luck!

Are you improving over the week?

Are there any methods or types of questions you are unsure of? Or equally, are there any methods or types of questions you are brilliant at?


Friday 1st May

Hopefully you have all had a chance to look at and add to our class blog - Lockdown!

We've been in lockdown for six weeks now and I'm sure you are all thinking up lots of fun and interesting activities and games that you can be playing to keep yourselves occupied during this time.


Today's task for literacy is to invent and write a set of instructions for your own game.


Go to your Purple Mash 2Dos and find 'My Dice Game'.


The tips in the left top of the screen will help you to set out your work.


Don't forget your writing targets and please try just as hard as you would if this was a lesson in school.

Welcome to Wellbeing Friday!


Each Friday we will have an activity which is designed to help our wellbeing.  It’s tricky being socially distanced from our friends and a lot of our family, so we could all do with something to help us get through these difficult times.

Today, I’d like you to follow the link below. It will take you to the BBC Home Learning site for Y5.


Work your way through the page, try to have fun and pay attention to what it says – it makes a lot of sense!