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Good Morning Brilliant Butterflies!

Red Admiral Butterfly

I hope you have a wonderful day of home learning.




Listen to the story ‘The Lucky Seed’ on the British Council Website and afterwards talk about the story.


Can you explain what happened to the seed?

Can you try and give a summary of the story by saying the main things that happened?

What did the seed need to grow?

If you want something else to do there is an activity where you can read the words and match them to the picture. You can do it on the computer or print out the sheet form the website if you prefer.





Use the handwriting letter formation posters and choose a family of letters that you know you need to practice.


Practise forming letters in different ways:

1. In the air – SKY WRITING

2. On a family member’s back (or your pet- gently!) – TICKLE WRITING



Quick Check!

Are you using the correct pencil grip?

Are you starting the letter in the correct place?

Are your letters sitting on the line?


How did you do? What are your stars and wish?

Q. What have you done particularly well?

Q. How could you make your letters even better?

PHONICS: Over the next few weeks we will be working on reading and writing the tricky words: he,  she,  we, me, be, was, my, you, her, they, all, are

Phase 3 tricky words song:

Ask an adult to help you search on YouTube for ‘Phase 3 Tricky words song say hello to’. You will recognise this song because we use it at school.


Remember to take photographs of the tricky words and sing along too!

Now have a go at reading these sentences. 


The cat is on my head.


Her dog is in the toy box.


Can you eat my toes?


Now try writing these tricky words. Why not challenge yourself to use one of these words in your own funny simple sentence! Eg. My cat is craisee!