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Chapter five

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Chapter five part 2

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Chapter five part 3

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Chapter six

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Today is Challenge day in Maths so I want to see how many challenges you can complete.


Click on the BBC Bitesize link below and see how many challenges you can do:

When you click on the link, this is what you should see:


Today is your final day working with 'Mega City' about Jack and his furry companion, Harry. As you know, this video is an advert for dog food. I would like you to create your own advert for this dog food. Think about how adverts are persuasive and how they convince people to buy the things they are trying to advertise. You could look at some adverts on TV or in a newspaper or magazine for some ideas of how they persuade people and are enticing!


I have put some dog food adverts below to help you and to give you some inspiration! 

To make your advert, log onto Purple Mash.

Click on your 2Do icon and on there you will find 'blank template'.


You can add text boxes, pictures (either that you have downloaded or from the clip art image icon at the top of the page) or even a sound!


I look forward to seeing your creative dog food adverts. I wonder what you will call the dog food?


Our topic in Geography we started was 'Mega cities' and we began to look at the differences between a regular city and a mega city and what made a mega city appealing.


For your topic work this week, I would like you to complete some research about a mega city of your choice. There is a list on Monday's page of the possible mega cities you could find information about.


Once you have decided, you can look online or watch videos about the place you have chosen. You can then present your research in any for you'd like; this could be a poster, power point presentation, video or leaflet. 

The facts you must include in your presentation are:

Where in the world is this mega city?

What is the latest recorded population of this megacity?

Does this mega city have any special places/ buildings/ famous architecture?