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Friday 24th  April

Maths – Arithmetic Test 3

It’s that time of the week again – Friday means Arithmetic!

Test 3 today – good luck!

Are you improving over the week?

Are there any methods or types of questions you are unsure of? Or equally, are there any methods or types of questions you are brilliant at?


Friday 24th April

Setting Description: Write a Setting Description

Today, we are going to put the week’s work into practice and write our own descriptive setting. I’m looking forward to reading them!

Click on this link: WRITE A SETTING 

Work your way through the activities. The slides give examples of what your descriptive might look like and some suggestions. There is also the Success Criteria:

At this point, go to Purple Mash. I have set up a 2Do which will let you write your setting so I can read it and see how fabulous your writing is!


When you open your 2Do task, you’ll need to click on the big ‘A’ in the top left corner. This will let you write your setting. You can design the border once you’ve done!

Happy writing!

Friday 24th April

Let’s put all of our hard work to practise!

In your 2Do’s I‘ve set the task of ‘I have found out’. It’s your job today not just to tell me about how you have got on with learning to type, but to show me!

Write about how you have found the typing exercises and tasks from over the week. Have you got better? Are you finding it tricky to use both hands?

Draw a picture too - I don't mind what of.

Of course, you can go back and do more of the 2Type activities if you like.


Happy Friday!