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You could do PE with Joe Wicks live on YouTube at 9.00am. He encourages people to wear fancy dress on Fridays-just for fun.

Literacy: 1 hour. There are a lot of letters in Harry Potter. I would like you to watch the clip below of Ron receiving 'a howler', check with parents that this is okay first as it is a PG, or you can listen to it in the audio book. Then write your own howler to a character in Harry Potter. You could do one from Dumbledore to Hagrid for using magic on Dudley, you choose. Remember to write for a purpose and try to organise into separate short paragraphs.

Maths: 1 hour

Do some pages from your SATS math's book today pages: 8, 9 and 10 and then check your answers that are in the back.