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Good Morning Brilliant Butterflies!

Welcome to Friday's learning.


Join us on Teams this morning at 9:00 to have a catch up on our learning from this week and find out about our tasks for today. 


Spend 5 or 10 minutes today on NUMBOTS.

Spend 5 or 10 minutes reading or sharing a story with someone in your family.


Listen to the video of the letter sounds, then have a turn on your own to see how many you can remember. Have a go at the actions too, because these will really help your brain to remember the sounds. 

Letter sounds

Still image for this video

Now use all your knowledge of the sounds that you've learned in phase 2 to play Dragon's Den. Which words are real and which are fake? You need to select Phase 2 'Revise all sounds'.

Remember to look out for the digraphs: ck  ll  ff   ss

They have 2 letters but only make 1 sound.

Dough Disco!

Before we do our handwriting, we usually warm up our fingers by doing dough disco. Using playdough is a great way to improve fine motor skills and it's lots of fun! If you don't have any playdoh then you could try to make your own. There are lots of recipes online.

Literacy: Handwriting

Watch the clip that explains what ladder letters are and how to write them.

Then use the skywriter to watch how each letter is formed and use your finger in the air to trace the formation of the letter. We have learned these letters at school, so you could pretend to be the teacher and teach your adult how to do it! Remember that they all start high up.

Which way does the flick go? Does it need a dot?

Finally, have a go at forming the letters. You could try writing them in flour, lentils, porridge, shaving foam or possibly snow! Or you could use paper and pencil/pens/crayons.



Your lesson today is on length.

A good mathematician uses maths vocabulary so try to use these words today:

length    long   longest   short    shortest

Wellbeing Friday

PSHE (CircleTime)

In this lesson you will have an understanding of different races in the world. We are all different and we need to celebrate our similarities and differences. We will look at how different animals look very similar but a closer look shows they can be different. We will be reading a story called: Not like the others by author Jana Broecker.



Log on to Jasmine Active Real PE using your username and password. You could continue with the adventure that you started on Monday or if you are confident with those skills then move on to a different adventure. Enjoy getting active!



Log on to teams for a story read by Mrs Goodridge.

(The video is too big to load on here)

The Big Fuzzy, by Caroline Castle

Let's celebrate our learning! 


Over the last 2 weeks we have been very impressed with everyone's efforts with their learning and we are proud of you all! Each week we will choose 3 people that have shown improvement on NUMBOTS, 3 children that have shown lots of effort on Reading Eggs and 3 children that have shone in other ways with their learning. (although we've chosen 6 this week to include week 1&2). 


Reading Eggs:

Well one to Harmony, Grayson and Jessica for putting lots of effort in reading!



Well done to Tyler, Tallulah and Jax for showing improvement in your maths!



Beatrice - For enthusiasm and lots of expression when acting out the story the King and the Moon.


Bowen - For being a super scientist and planning an ice experiment, making predictions and reflecting on what you'd found out.


Eddie - For great independent learning and coming up with your own idea to make an assault course, planning it out, choosing the resources and completing it.


Joey - For creating your own story, drawing the story map carefully and labelling it and then acting out your story with lots of energy and enthusiasm. 


Kobe - For such a brilliant attitude to reading and learning new words and sounds. 


Rixon - For magical maths learning, using maths words and being able to explain your thinking.