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I hope you have a great day of learning at home.


** Remember, your adult can upload any examples of the learning we set for you at home to Tapestry to share with Mrs Lilley, Miss Blake and Mrs Goodridge. We'll enjoy seeing what you've been up to and can make a comment back **


Here are the activities for the day...




READING: Please can you spend 10 minutes+ daily reading/ sharing books  (story or non-fiction) with an adult or older sibling. 

See the 'Reading weblinks' folder for Oxford Owl free online  eBooks if you want some new ideas.


** Today, choose a book you really enjoy and find an unusual place to read it! Example: in the garden, under the bed, in the wardrobe... **



Key questions of the day...

Q. What is the name of your book?

Q. Who is the author? (with adult support)

Q. Would you recommend this book to a friend to read?


Things to remember to be a good reader...

- Look at front cover to work out the title.

- Can you find the author's name?

- Be a good digraph detective!

- Track words with your finger.

-  Look out for any tricky words you know how to read by sight.

- Use WORD BREAKDOWN to say when there's a word you don't understand or know what it means in the story context.


PHONICS - Use the blank snakes and ladders template (or make your own using paper/ back of an old food box) to fill in the phase 3 sounds.

Have fun playing with friends and family!

** Use the tricky word mat to practise reading/ copying the phase 2 and 3 irregular words. Why not challenge yourself to use one of these words in a funny simple sentence! Eg. My cat is laisee!


WRITING – Friday is handwriting day, so you’ll need some mark-making equipment to be able to practise.


** Use the letter formation poster and practise the ROBOT family. Remember we must start at the robot’s head and go down to the feet before coming back up and over for the arm.


** Practise in the air using your finger with SKY WRITING.


** Practise on your hand or a friend’s back in our TICKLE WRITING.


** Use your chosen mark-making equipment (pen, pencil, crayon, chalk, paint) to practise on paper/ the ground.


MATHS – 3D (fat) shapes


** Let’s play MYSTERY BAG game!

You will need two of each real-life everyday 3D shapes (you don’t necessarily have to use precisely the same object as long as they are the same 3D shape) and a bag. Put one of each 3D shape into the bag and leave the other one showing for your partner to look at and touch to help them guess. Here’s the rhyme…


“Mystery bag, what’s inside? What’s the shape you try and hide? A cylinder, cube, cuboid or sphere. What’s the shape you try and hide?"


Give your partner a clue to describe what shape is hiding in the bag, eg.

“My shape has… two flat faces and one curvy face around the middle.

What shape is it?”