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I can safely measure, mark out, cut and shape materials and components using a range of tools.

I can evaluate and assess existing products and those that I have made using design criteria.

I can generate, develop, model and communicate my ideas through talking, drawing, templates, mock-ups and IT.

I can design useful, pleasing products for myself and other users based on a design brief.

Island Vehicles

I can explore and use mechanisms such as levers, sliders, wheels and axles in products.

I can investigate different techniques for stiffening a variety of materials and explore different methods of enabling structures to remain stable.

Indonesian Animal Puppets

I can choose tools I would like to use and select materials based on my knowledge of their properties.

Indonesian Cooking

I can understand the need for a variety of food in a diet.

I can understand that all food has to be farmed grown or caught.

I can use a wider range of cookery techniques to prepare food safely.