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Design and Technology

Pneumatic models/ Victorian Cam Toys

I can create prototypes to show my ideas.

I can use my research into existing products and my market research to inform the design of my own innovative product.

I can make careful and precise measurements so that joins, holes and openings are in exactly the right place.

I can produce step-by-step plans to guide my making, demonstrating that I can apply my knowledge of different materials, tools and techniques.

I can make detailed evaluations about existing products and my own, considering the views of others to improve my work.

I can build more complex 3D structures and apply my knowledge of strengthening techniques to make them stronger or more stable.

I can understand how to use more complex mechanical and electrical systems.

Savoury Pastries

I can understand the main food groups and the different nutrients that are important for health.

I can understand what makes a healthy and balanced diet, and that different foods and drinks provide different substances the body needs.

I can understand seasonality and the advantages of eating seasonal and locally produced food.

I can read and follow recipes which involve several processes, skills and techniques.

I can understand how a variety of ingredients are grown, reared, caught and processed to make them safe and palatable (tasty to eat).

I can select appropriate ingredients and use a wide range of techniques to combine them.

I can create designs using exploded diagrams.