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M - I like to watch detective shows and comedies, so one of my favourite programmes is Death in Paradise.

R - What's orange and sounds like a parrot?  A carrot.

S - This year, I'm really looking forward to getting to know my new class and being back in Year 5 - it's my favourite year group to teach!


W - My birthday is on May the 4th. Some people call it Star Wars Day but I like to think that I'm the reason we have a Bank Holiday that week.

I - When I was little, I won a My Little Pony colouring competition. 

G - My favourite subjects are Maths and Science because I like it when there are concrete answers to problems.

G - Although I personally enjoy Maths and Science the most, Literacy is my favourite subject to teach because I like to see lots of creative work.

I - They're not strictly competitions but I like to take part in quizzes and my team wins quite often.

N - My hidden talent is remembering number and letter sequences. I can tell you every telephone number, car registration or postcode I've ever had. Unfortunately, it's not a talent that is of much use!

S - I'm also really looking forward to working with Mrs Riggott!



M - I like comedies and detective programmes, too. I also like to watch travel programmes so I can dream of all the places I want to visit one day.

R - What do you call a dog that can do magic? A labracadabrador!

S - Playing games with my two boys -we always have a giggle.


R - My second favourite joke - How do you know carrots are good for your eyesight? You never see a rabbit wearing glasses.

I - I once had a photo' of a cheesecake I'd made published in a food magazine!

G - I love maths - numbers can be so much fun!

G - … and history - learning about the past helps us understand the present and prepare for the future.

O - I'd definitely be a cat! My two cats have a wonderful life - they eat, sleep and play all day - purrfect!

T - I'd travel back in time to 1969 when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. What an amazing thing to see!

T - I'd love to visit the future, too - imagine all of the brilliant inventions there could be! Maybe teachers will be replaced with robots?