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Art and DT with Miss Blake

Autumn Term 2020 - Art and Design - Self Portraits in collage and paint

This term, Year 1 will be making self-portrait collages, using a variety of different papers. We will be expressing our favourite colours, patterns and textures, in layers of the collage and having "mini-exhibitions" to share our fabulous creations!

Our first collage layer was tissue paper in our favourite colours.

The second layer was patterned paper and different textures.

Finally, our third layer, which included stamps, felt pieces and drawings on tracing paper, was added. What FABULOUS collages, everyone!

We have looked at self-portraits by a variety of artists: Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo and Pablo Picasso. We discussed what the pictures told us about the artists, and chose one to copy into our books. The children then drew their own self-portraits in their sketchbooks and then on to watercolour paper, using photos. The skin and lips were painted with watercolour paint, then watercolour pencils and ordinary colouring pencils were used to add the remaining features and details for the background. The children's finished pictures are excellent! Well done, Everyone!laugh