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I can select ideas based on first hand observations, experiences or imagination and develop these through open ended research.

       I can improve my use of techniques I have been taught.

       I can change and improve my own final work following feedback on my first thoughts and designs.

       I can describe the work and ideas of various artists, architects and designers, using appropriate vocabulary and     referring to historical and cultural contexts.

I can justify and explain my preferences towards different styles and artists.

I can explain how I have used composition, scale and proportion in my work.

I can use different techniques, colours and textures in my artwork and explain the choices I have made.

I can follow a design brief to achieve an effect for a particular function.

I can make detailed evaluations of my own work and that of my peers, against a Success Criteria, describing strengths and possible next steps, and take actions to strengthen my work.

Chinese Landscapes

      I can use simple perspective in my work using a single focal point and horizon.

      I can use techniques, colours, tones and effects in an appropriate way to represent things I have seen, such as     spattering and wet-into- wet washes.

Freedom Quilts

I can enhance my work using more advanced stitching and appliqué techniques.

Mayan Clay

I can produce intricate designs in a malleable media, such as clay.