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I can use a sketchbook for collecting ideas and developing plans for a completed piece of artwork.

I can use skills I have been taught to adapt and improve my work.

I can say how I would improve my work using technical terms, such as art vocabulary and giving reasons.

I can describe some of the key ideas, techniques and methods used by artists, architects and designers whom I have studied.

I can draw familiar objects with correct proportions.

I can create different effects using a variety of tools and techniques, such as washes, mixed media and blending.

Roman Art and Architecture

I can plan a clay sculpture through sketching and designing.

Living Landscapes

I can experiment with creating mood, feeling, movement and areas of interest, by choosing the right materials and using techniques I have been taught.

I can use a wider variety of materials.

DT topic: Anglo Saxon Weaving

I can use different techniques to colour fabrics, such as dyeing.