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I can confidently and systematically investigate how I can use new and unfamiliar materials, and use these learnt techniques in my work.

I can evaluate my work against the intended outcomes (success criteria) and what I wanted to achieve.

I can research and discuss various artists, architects and designers, discussing their ideas and ways of making art and explain how these were used in the finished products.

I can use line, tone and shading to represent objects seen, remembered or imagined in 3D forms.

I can mix colours to express mood, divide foreground from background, or demonstrate tones.

Environmental Art

I can develop different ideas which can be used, and explain my choices for materials and techniques I have used.

Greek Masks

I can plan a mod-roc sculpture through sketching and designing.

I can develop skills in sculpture, including moulding and shaping.

Portraits and Figure drawing

I can name and explain the effects of complementary colours.