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Year 2

Island Vehicles - Design & Technology Autumn 1 2015

As part of the Literacy topic on Katie Morag this Autumn, Year 2 children have been designing and making their own vehicles in Design and Technology lessons. We started by looking at a range of vehicles and identifying their different purposes, such as emergency, work, transport or leisure.

Next, we drew diagrams of different vehicles that would be used on Katie's Island of Struay. Then, we began to design our own purposeful vehicles, such as a tractor for Katie's Grannie, or a post van to deliver the mail.  Year 2 drew detailed labelled diagrams to show the main parts of a vehicle: wheels and axles, chassis and body. Making our models involved sawing wooden dowel for axles and understanding how to join an axle to a body, so that the wheels can still move freely.

We then used boxes and cardboard to build the vehicle body and painted extra details on, such as windows and words.   All our models move well and look brilliant!

Children safely sawing

Children safely sawing 1
Children safely sawing 2
Children safely sawing 3

Year 2's fabulous finished models - Well done everyone!

Modern Lamps for Florence  Design & Technology  Autumn 2 2015

First, Year 2 used the Ipads to research the life of Florence Nightingale, and answered comprehension questions.  We looked at the Turkish lanterns that Florence used, to check on her injured patients in the Scutari hospital and compared these to modern, electrical lighting. Next, we had great fun investigating electrical circuits to make bulbs light up and  learned how to make switches to control the flow of electricity. Although it was initially quite tricky, the children then used their measuring skills to make card lanterns, which acted as covers for the plastic cups holding the electrical circuits. Finally, the card lanterns were decorated and the lamps assembled. I am really proud of the children's finished lamps!

Practising our measuring skills

Practising our measuring skills 1
Practising our measuring skills 2

Fantastic finished lanterns!

Fantastic finished lanterns! 1
Fantastic finished lanterns! 2
Fantastic finished lanterns! 3
Fantastic finished lanterns! 4
Fantastic finished lanterns! 5
Fantastic finished lanterns! 6
Fantastic finished lanterns! 7
Fantastic finished lanterns! 8
Fantastic finished lanterns! 9
Fantastic finished lanterns! 10
Fantastic finished lanterns! 11
Fantastic finished lanterns! 12
Fantastic finished lanterns! 13
Fantastic finished lanterns! 14
Fantastic finished lanterns! 15
Fantastic finished lanterns! 16
Fantastic finished lanterns! 17
Fantastic finished lanterns! 18
Fantastic finished lanterns! 19
Fantastic finished lanterns! 20
Fantastic finished lanterns! 21
Fantastic finished lanterns! 22
Fantastic finished lanterns! 23
Fantastic finished lanterns! 24
Fantastic finished lanterns! 25
Fantastic finished lanterns! 26
Fantastic finished lanterns! 27

Young Overseal Artists Award  - Artist Workshop Morning 8/1/16

For the Spring term, Year 2 are working towards their Young Overseal Artists Award certificates. This award involves the children taking part in a variety of arts activities, finding out about artists and their work, and finally sharing their arts discovery with others. We will be holding an exhibition in the afternoon on Wednesday 23rd March to share all our work, and everyone is very welcome to come along.

We started our topic based on "Collage Dreams" by looking at the work of the local collage artist, Steve Coley. This was followed by our Artist Workshop Morning when Steve came to visit, giving us an opportunity to view his work first-hand, make collages with him and ask him questions about his career. 

It was a great experience for everyone involved and lots of the children said that it was the first time that they had actually worked with an artist, so it was especially exciting for them.

After looking at Steve's collages, he demonstrated how to create a mixed-media collage, using various paper scraps and glue, based on one colour only. He then explained that collages are like jigsaws in that you play with the pieces, until they "fit" and you like what you see!

After Year 2 had made their own collages, they were inspired and felt very confident with this technique. To finish-off the collages, we then drew pictures with coloured biro pens on tissue paper and glued these over the top of their collages.

As you can see in the photos below, their final creations were stunning! frown

Steve's Collage Workshop

Year 2's Cracking Collages!

Year 2's Cracking Collages! 1
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 2
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 3
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 4
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 5
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 6
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 7
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 8
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 9
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 10
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 11
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 12
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 13
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 14
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 15
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 16
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 17
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 18
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 19
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 20
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 21
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 22
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 23
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 24
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 25
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 26
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 27
Year 2's Cracking Collages! 28

In recent weeks, Year 2 have researched a variety of different artists' work, describing what they like and dislike, colours, shapes and images used. Artists have included Matisse, Dali, Van Gogh and Chagall. We have also looked at the illustrations of Raymond Briggs and Anthony Browne, and used these to understand the terms "background", "middle-ground" and "foreground". 

We are now beginning to create our own mixed-media collages. Initially, the children covered thick card with pieces of maps and tissue paper to create a textured background. Last week, we had great fun using pastels to blend sky images, inspired by Van Gogh, Raymond Briggs and Anthony Browne.

Pastel skies

Pastel skies 1
Pastel skies 2
Pastel skies 3

Painting, drawing and assembling our collages

This half term, the children have been inspired by the illustrations of Anthony Browne, and have mixed their own colours to paint middle-ground images.  Our last activity was based on the cut-out images used for collage by Matisse. Year 2 drew personal pictures, and used different graded pencils to explore shading, as well as coloured pencils.  Finally, these were cut out, glued in place in the foreground, and any extra ribbon was then added for a final flourish. 


Our exhibition in the main hall, where the children were able to share all their work with their friends and families, was a great success! Thanks so much to everyone who was able to come - the children clearly enjoyed themselves and it was a great confidence boost for them all! 

Adding those final touches

Mixed-media Masterpieces!

Mixed-media Masterpieces! 1
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 2
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 3
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 4
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 5
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 6
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 7
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 8
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 9
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 10
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 11
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 12
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 13
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 14
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 15
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 16
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 17
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 18
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 19
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 20
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 21
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 22
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 23
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 24
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 25
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 26
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 27
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 28
Mixed-media Masterpieces! 29

What a Perfect Puppet Show!

What a Perfect Puppet Show! 1
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 2
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 3
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 4
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 5
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 6
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 7
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 8
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 9
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 10
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 11
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 12
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 13
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 14
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 15
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 16
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 17
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 18
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 19
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 20
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 21
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 22
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 23
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 24
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 25
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 26
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 27
What a Perfect Puppet Show! 28

Summer term 1 - Design and Technology - African Animal Puppets 

This topic is linked to the Geography topic on Africa. 

First, the children looked at photos and described some animal's characteristics, such as having tusks made from ivory, or being a herbivore. Each child chose an animal and drew their design on a paper pattern template. Then we investigated a variety of different puppets, which included finger puppets, glove puppets and marionettes, to see how they were made. After selecting colours for a felt base, the children made their glove puppets by sewing the edges together and then adding details for features.

We now have a class zoo of African animal puppets, which include elephants, meerkats, monkeys and crocodiles!