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Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle

Squiggle Whilst you Wiggle!


The children love to squiggle whilst they wiggle! 

The children practise the movements you make when writing on a big scale!! 


We put on some funky music and they do...


- arches (letters m, n, h, r)

- up and down (letters i, l, t, u, y)

- side to side

- In and out (letters g, q, e)

- big circles, little circles (letters c, o, a, d)

- straight lines (letters k, v, w, x, z)

- the figure of eight (letter s)


The idea is that the children will develop the body movements needed on a large scale and

then be able to transfer them when writing on a small scale.

Arches 14.11.14 (letters n, m)

Up and down 19.09.14 (letters i, l, t)

Making circles 03.10.14 (letters, c, o, a)