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Listening to your child read at least 3 times a week will help them tremendously.  Encourage your child to use their phonic knowledge to sound out unfamiliar words. For larger words it can help to break them down into smaller chunks. Reading with a loud clear voice, pausing at full stops and reading with fluency and expression are also skills you can help your child to develop by praising their attempts. The most important thing is to have fun because if children enjoy reading they will want to learn more!


During guided reading sessions we also have a focus on predicting, questioning, clarifying and summarising texts. In year two, and throughout the juniors, there is a larger focus on children's comprehension skills and their ability to discuss a text. Read the documents below to see how you can help your child become more confident.


The reading skills that we focus on in Year 2.

How to develop comprension skills

How to develop an understanding of different text types