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Minutes from the meeting 3rd December 2015

Key Discussion Points:


  • How do we encourage greater attendance
  • Homework
  • How to support your child at home
  • Reading
  • Parent's Evening Reports


Key actions agreed


We discussed how to encourage more parents to come to meetings. It was suggested that we sent out a questionnaire to parents asking what topics they would to have an input into and also when would be a good time to hold meetings.


We talked about homework and we realised we need to make more parents aware of the homework support and clubs that are in school to help. We will put a section about homework in the next newsletter.


We discussed parent's evening report slips. There was a positive response to these, parents felt it was useful to have a written record of stars and wishes. Parents felt it would be useful to have these prior to the meeting. We looked at an addition to the form, indicating where the child is currently working. It was felt this could be useful but would need clear explanation for parents.


We looked at information on the curriculum which could be sent to parents, it was felt this needed to be kept simple, parents did not need to know all objectives taught. The curriculum page on the website has now been updated and made more concise.


We considered a variety of resources that might help parents think of appropriate questions to ask their child when reading. It was felt a more simple approach would be best. It was agreed to offer a small number of question ideas in the front of reading record books. These will be changed throughout the year.