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Handed out 30.6.17 - Spelling Homework

Handed out 23.6.17


Maths - p44-45 (measures) p66-67 (reflection)


Handed out 16.6.17


Maths - p68-69 and voluntary arithmetic test

Literacy - Prediction sentences


Handed out 9.6.17


Maths - Arithmetic test

Literacy - Author's intention


Handed out 26.5.17


Maths p64-65: Regular and irregular polygons


Handed out 19.5.17


Maths p62-63: Rectangles

Literacy: Devices to build cohesion


Handed out 12.5.17


Maths p50-51: Area

Literacy: Author's intentions

Handed out 5.5.17


Maths - p60-61: Angle facts

Literacy: Comprehension task

Handed out 28.4.17


Maths p70-71 - Line Graphs

Literacy - Subordinating Conjunctions

Handed out 17.3.17


Literacy - Fronted Adverbials

Numeracy - p18 Multiples


Handed out 10.3.17


Literacy - Fronted Adverbials

Numeracy - p27 Using Thousandths

Handed out 10.2.17


Maths (4 pages)

p36-37 - Rounding Decimals

p38-39 - Ordering and Comparing Decimals


Handed out 3.2.17


Literacy - Reading skills

Maths p34-35 - Fractions to decimals


Handed out 27.1.17


Literacy - Chinese New Year Comprehension

Maths - Saturn/Jupiter/Mars: p32-33 Multiplying fractions

Venus/Mercury: Matching mixed numbers and improper fractions


Handed out 20.1.17


Maths p30-31 - Adding and subtracting fractions

Literacy - 'School Days'


Handed out 13.1.17


Maths p29 - Ordering fractions

Literacy - Tower of London comprehension



Handed out 6.1.17


Maths p28 - Equivalent fractions

Literacy - Shackleton ordering

Handed out 16.12.16

Handed out 9.12.16


Maths p26 - Solving Calculation Problems


Handed out 2.12.16


Maths p19-20 - Factors and Primes

Literacy - Vultures Fact and Opinion (Mercury/Venus) OR Game Reviews Fact and Opinion (Mars/Saturn/Jupiter)


Handed out 25.11.16


Maths p25 - Written Division

Literacy - Missing Characters Fact and Opinion


Handed out 18.11.16


Maths p16 and 17 - Square and Cube numbers

Literacy - Island Retreats

Handed out 11.11.16


Maths p21-22 - Multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, 1000

Literacy - Planetary facts comprehension

Handed out 4.11.16


Maths p23 - Mental multiplication and division

Literacy - Our Hobbies comprehension


Handed out 21.10.16 - Half Term Homework


Maths p8 - Ordering and Comparing, p15 - Rounding and Checking

Literacy - Aladdin vocabulary sheets


Handed out 14.10.16


Maths p12-13 - Written Addition and Subtraction

MIssing Words


Handed out 7.10.16


Maths p14 - Mental Addition and Subtraction

World Space Week Homework - choose five things you would take into space and explain your reasons for taking them.


Handed out 30.9.16


Maths p11 - Roman Numerals

Word Swapping


Handed out 23.9.16

Maths p6 - Counting through zero and p10 - Rounding

Relative Clauses


Handed out 16.9.16


Maths p7 - Place value in big numbers

Henry VIII ordering