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Going for Goals

In Summer 1, the topic was going for goals. We carried out the following activities: 

- Rocket Launch game - This was a good experiment to make us realise we cannot always achieve our goals but always need to try. This linked into our 'Class Goal' poster - changed each week and voted for by the class.

- Discussed our own personal goals and how to achieve them. We then made posters.

- On post-its the children wrote down ideas of what helps us to learn and achieve and what can stop us. They then wrote their own ideas into speech bubbles alongside their picture.

- Discussion about what we need to have a 'healthy mind'. 

- Made our own 'happy boxes' and place inside post-its about what makes us happy.

- Read the 'Silly Billy' book and discussed and heard each other's feelings about the story. 


Take a look at some of our work.

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