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Fitness Tests

Each term, every child takes part in a fitness test. The children have to see how many laps of the playground they can complete in the given time. Progress is measured across the school. 

The following children completed the most laps for their year group. Well done!



YR - Logan and Maya

Y1 - David and Evie

Y2 - George P and Abigail

Y3 - Rohan, Kieran and Jessica

Y4 - Max, Libby and Harriet

Y5 - George and Sophia

Y6 - Kye M and Natalie



YR - Aedan and Maya

Y1 - Alfie and Tabitha

Y2 - George P, Gracie and Krystal

Y3 - Kieran and Grace

Y4 - Jack and Edie

Y5 - Garth and Sophia

Y6 - Kye M and Ruby