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We are programmers

In this unit, the children created animated cartoons using characters they designed. They used a paint tool to create characters and backgrounds. Firstly, they draw their storyboard then translated this into a series of scripted instructions (program) for graphic objects. They used the Scratch software for these activities. 

We are bug fixers

In this unit, the children worked with six example Scratch projects. They explained how the scripts worked, finding and correcting errors in them, and explored creative ways of improving them. The children learnt to recognise some common types of programming errors, and practised solving problems through logical thinking.

We are Presenters

In this unit, using the iPads, the children interviewed each other about their favourite sports and hobbies. Firstly, they watched some TV interview clips. They discussed how the cameras were used and the actions of the presenters and people being interviewed. Then they wrote their own scripts and practised filming on the iPads. Next, they watched their interviews back and discussed, as a group, how these could be improved. They then filmed their final piece and shared it with the rest of the class. 

We are Network Engineers

In this unit, the children investigated how computer networks work. They learnt how messages are passed across networks and across the internet and explored domain registration details of their favourite websites.

We are Opinion Pollsters

In this unit, we discussed what makes a good survey. The children created their own surveys about Mediterranean food (geography topic). They then carried our their surveys and analysed their results. 

We are Communicators

In this unit, we discussed communicating safely online and learnt how to use email. The children used the email templates on PurpleMash to write emails to each other. They developed an understanding of the layout of emails and what the different headings mean.