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Friday 26th October

Maths Work Book page 10 - prime numbers, multiples and factors

Literacy Work Book page 10 - pronouns

Friday 19th October

Maths Work Book page 38 - line graphs

Literacy Work Book page s 8 and 9 -adverbs

Friday 12th October

Maths Work Book page 37 - data and time tables

Literacy Work Book page 7  -adverbs


Friday 5.10.18

Literacy Work Book - page 6 Adjectives

Maths Work Book - page 6 Adding

Friday 28th September

Maths Work Book - pages 4 and 5

English work Book - pages 4 and 5

Friday 21st September


Maths Work Book - pages 2 and 3


Grammar Book - pages 2 and 3

Friday 14th September


Imagine you are James and you have been living with Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker for a while. Can you describe a day in their house? Think about the smells, sounds and sights. Consider what you would hear and the things you would have to do.

You might want to write, draw or create a mind map, I don’t mind. However, I’m trusting you to challenge yourself and to show me how you can SHINE!



You have been given some questions which link to the work we've done in class these last few weeks.  It's up to you how many you choose to complete from each section, though remember that you should aim to challenge yourself and always try your best.





Friday 7th September 2018


We have been introduced to our library sessions for the year and we have talked about how we will be encouraging each other (and ourselves) to read.

I’d like you to think about any books or authors you have read that you have really enjoyed.

Consider why you enjoyed them so much – was it the characters, the plot, the vocabulary used?

Your job is to prepare a short presentation on your chosen book/s or author. You will take it in turns to share your thoughts and explain why you have chosen that particular book or author with the rest of the Lego team.

It’s your challenge to persuade the rest of the Lego team to read your choice!


Earlier this week, we had a go at the times table challenge in school, e.g. the 144 Club or the 72 Club. We have set ourselves the task of improving each week – whether that means getting a few more correct answers, moving on to the next challenge, or getting quicker.

Your job is to share with the folks at home how you are doing now and what you want to achieve next, then get practising!